Are you having trouble connecting while in Singapore? Avoid having your trip ruined by roaming fees! This handbook addresses Singapore’s tech-related problems for visitors. We’ll weigh local SIM cards against roaming fees to assist you in selecting the best option for staying connected and enjoying your journey in Singapore!

Using A Cell Phone in Singapore

I. Can I use my cell phone in Singapore?

Using cell phones in Singapore
Using cell phones in Singapore

Yes, you can use your phone in Singapore. But here are some considerations:

  • Unlocked phone: Make sure your phone is not locked phone, some types of phones may not work globally, especially in Singapore.
  • Bands: Check if your phone’s network bands are compatible with the frequencies supported in Singapore to make sure you can connect to Singapore’s network.
  • Roaming: Your home country’s mobile operator may have a roaming plan in Singapore making it easy to keep your phone number. However, the roaming charges may incur high costs.
  • Local SIM card: Buying a local SIM card is the most cost-effective way to keep connected without worrying about the data budget.
Frequencies supported in Singapore
Frequencies supported in Singapore (Kimovil)

II. How to keep my cell phone connected in Singapore

Staying connected in Singapore is easy, consider our top recommendations below:

OptionProsConsPrice Range (USD)
Free Wi-FiWidely available in tourist areas, airportsFree costLimited speed and reliability.May require frequent logins.Not secure for sensitive transactions.Free
Pocket Wi-FiConvenient to share the internet with multiple devices.Fast and reliable connection.Requires daily rental fee.May need to pick up and return the device. Battery life can be limited.$5-10 per day
eSIMConvenient – purchase and activate before arrival. Multiple data plans are available need to swap SIM cards!Limited availability compared to physical SIM cards. Not all phones support eSIM technology yet.$1.5-4.9/day 
SIM CardAn affordable option for longer stays.Widely available at airports and convenience stores.Multiple data plans to choose from.Requires phone unlock and potential SIM tray swap.May require real-name registration.$12-30 per plan
RoamingNo need to purchase a new SIM or eSIM.Works with your existing phone number.Potentially high data charges depending on the planLimited data allowances are common.Highly Variable

In summary, getting a local SIM card is the best option to stay connected in Singapore. Here’s why:

  • Cost-Effectiveness

Local SIM cards offer the most data for your dollar. Compared to international plans with limited data and potentially high roaming charges, a local SIM gives you significantly more bang for your buck.

  • Flexibility

Local SIM cards offer various data packages at different prices. You can find the best one for you

  • Convenience

Local SIM cards, which are easily obtainable at the Singapore airport, in various local convenience stores, and mobile service provider stores, are readily available.

Discover more information with our guide Singapore SIM card: Best Prepaid Plans for Tourists 2023

Besides using a local SIM card, getting an eSIM is also an alternative. Consider using an eSIM from the #1 Singapore eSIM provider – which offers diverse eSIM plans for any traveling goals. Here is what makes stand out:

  • Variety & Flexibility: Choose the perfect data plan to suit your needs.
  • Multiple Network Coverage: They take care of the technical aspect by collaborating with popular major mobile operators in Singapore, so visitors can enjoy reliable connectivity across Singapore.
  • Top-Notch Customer Service: Provide 24/7 assistance to assist you with any questions.
  • Affordable Prices: Their eSIMs are competitively priced, offering great value for your data budget.

Find the best option for your trip below:

Plans that may interest you

Singapore eSIM 3 Days Plan
Singapore eSIM 3 Days Plan
Singapore eSIM 7 Days Plan
Singapore eSIM 7 Days Plan
Singapore eSIM 15 Days Plan
Singapore eSIM 15 Days Plan

III. Getting the most out of your cell phone during travel 

These tips are definitely on the right track for maximizing your phone’s usefulness while traveling in Singapore:

  • Download Necessary Apps: Make sure to download the essential apps in English before the trip, such as offline maps, translation software (you can manage Google Translation offline), and a currency calculator. These can be useful if you are on the go and there isn’t a dependable internet connection available.
  • Utilize Free Wi-Fi Strategically: Sometimes one can take advantage of; free wireless internet connection at airports, cafeterias, and various hotels. That way, you save your mobile data for something more constructive or constructive such as getting directions, using an App like Uber, or sharing photos on Instagram among others.
  • Using a local SIM card or buying an eSIM: By taking advantage of a SIM card/eSIM, visitor can save their data budget, and stay connected without worrying.

IV. FAQs about using a cell phone in Singapore

What are the major mobile networks in Singapore?

The three main mobile operators are Singtel, StarHub and M1. They provide 4G/5G coverage nationwide.

Can I use my phone from overseas in Singapore?

Yes, but you’ll be charged roaming fees. It’s cheaper to buy a local SIM card upon arrival.

How can I buy a local SIM card?

SIM cards are readily available at airport kiosks, carriers’ stores, and convenience stores. Provide your passport for registration.

What type of SIM should I get – prepaid or postpaid?

Pre-paid SIMs are good for short trips. Postpaid plans offer better rates for longer stays but require deposits. For tourists, buying a prepaid plan is a wise choice, consider using eSIM to avoid inconveniences.

Can I use my U.S./other country phone in Singapore?

Yes, if it’s an unlocked multi-band phone. Singapore uses widespread 3G and 4G/5G network

V. What’s the most efficient way to connect my phone in Singapore?

In conclusion, visitors can use cell phones in Singapore. Additionally, travelers visiting Singapore have a variety of alternatives for staying connected, including WiFi, eSIMs, and traditional SIMs.

Singapore eSIM is the greatest choice compared to other options which offers reasonable prices, easy online purchasing and activation. Consider using eSIM from for the best quality and services!