Are you planning to visit Singapore? It is essential to explore the mobile internet situation in this country to look up attractions and stay in touch. That makes a big difference for hassle-free travel. You’ll learn about the benefits of local SIM cards and eSIMs in this tutorial, along with how to stay connected during your time in Singapore.

Mobile Internet in Singapore

I. Mobile Internet Coverage and Speed in Singapore

Singapore’s major mobile operators have made significant investments to provide residents and visitors with fast and reliable mobile internet, consider these considerations below to understand Singapore’s mobile internet coverage and speed.

1. Singapore Mobile Internet Coverage

Based on the latest report available (May 2024) on Opensignal. There is information for Singapore Internet Coverage:

Singapore Mobile Internet Coverage
Singapore Mobile Internet Coverage
  • Singtel continues to win the 5G Coverage Experience award outright, scoring 8.7/10 points and leading M1 and StarHub by around one point.
  • In terms of overall network availability, which measures the percentage of time users have a mobile connection, Singtel and StarHub are the leaders in this part with 99.4 and 99.5%, respectively.

In summary, mobile internet overage in Singapore is extensive with all operators scoring above 99% for Availability, reflecting ubiquitous connectivity across the country. Singtel leads in delivering 5G coverage to users based on the 5G Coverage Experience metric, providing coverage where customers expect it.

2. Singapore Mobile Internet Speed

Here is an examination of Singapore’s mobile internet performance data (according to the Speedtest Global Index) that provides insights into the country’s rankings globally and in the region, as well as speed variations across different cities within Singapore.

Singapore Median Country Speeds May 2024
Singapore Median Country Speeds

National Ranking

  • By May 2024, Singapore ranks 12th in the world for mobile speed, with median download speeds of 196.35Mbps and upload speeds of 23.61Mbps.
  • This is a drop of 2 spots from its ranking in the previous report. However, its median mobile download speeds increased over the period.
  • Compared to other countries in Southeast Asia, Singapore has significantly faster median mobile speeds. The next highest-ranked countries in the region are Thailand (28th), Malaysia (38th), and Vietnam (47th).

City Ranking

  • The city of Woodlands saw the highest median mobile download speed at 198.46Mbps, while Bukit Timah recorded the lowest at 191.36Mbps. However, all cities averaged speeds well above Singapore’s national median.
  • Singapore continues to have a highly advanced 4G and 5G mobile infrastructure that supports its position as a regional leader in mobile internet speeds. This supports use cases such as video and gaming that demand high-speed connectivity.

II. Mobile Internet in Singapore: Connectivity options for tourists

Staying connected in Singapore is easy, consider our top recommendations below:

OptionProsConsPrice Range (USD)
Free Wi-FiWidely available in tourist areas, airportsFree costLimited speed and reliability.May require frequent logins.Not secure for sensitive transactions.Free
Pocket Wi-FiConvenient to share the internet with multiple devices.Fast and reliable connection.Requires daily rental fee.May need to pick up and return the device. Battery life can be limited.$5-10 per day
eSIMConvenient – purchase and activate before arrival. Multiple data plans are available need to swap SIM cards!Limited availability compared to physical SIM cards. Not all phones support eSIM technology yet.$1.5-4.9/day 
SIM CardAn affordable option for longer stays.Widely available at airports and convenience stores.Multiple data plans to choose from.Requires phone unlock and potential SIM tray swap.May require real-name registration.$12-32 per plan
RoamingNo need to purchase a new SIM or eSIM.Works with your existing phone number.Potentially high data charges depending on the planLimited data allowances are common.Highly Variable

In summary, buying a local SIM card or using an eSIM is the best option to stay connected in Singapore. Both of the two options offer a good balance of affordability (compared to pocket wifi and roaming) and convenience (wide availability, multiple data plans) while still providing a fast and reliable connection.

Buying a local SIM card still is a popular choice with Singapore tourists, but for a fast and convenience, visitors should consider getting an eSIM. 

Heading to Singapore but worried about mobile costs? Our data roaming guide reveals how to access the internet without painful overage charges. Read our guide Data Roaming in Singapore: #1 Helpful Guide for Travelers to get more insights 

III. Budgeting for Mobile Data Costs in Singapore

On the planning brief for your Singapore trip, it is essential to know how much data is enough for their travel, here is a breakdown to help you plan:

  • Short trip (under 7 days): 5GB of data is enough for basic daily tasks such as mapping, translating, or light browsing. To avoid inconvenience and be ready for any activities in Singapore, consider using the Singapore eSIM 7 Days Plan from which offers 5GB for just $5.5.
  • Long trips (under 7 days): If you plan on traveling on long days, it is advisable to subscribe for a larger bundle. Budget 5-10GB to comfortably use your phone without worrying about going over the limit. To save time and easy activation, use the Singapore eSIM for 15 days from starting from $11.5

This way, the usage of data and other services is well-balanced, so that the traveler can communicate as much as needed throughout the journey across Singapore without worrying about the cost. Consider using eSIM plans from which offers diverse eSIM plans for any traveling goals.

Find the best options for your trip below: 

Plans that may interest you

Singapore eSIM 3 Days Plan
Singapore eSIM 3 Days Plan
Singapore eSIM 7 Days Plan
Singapore eSIM 7 Days Plan
Singapore eSIM 15 Days Plan
Singapore eSIM 15 Days Plan

IV. Best Singapore mobile operators

When visiting Singapore, you can consider using the service from one of these major mobile operators below: Singtel, StarHub, and M1.

CoverageSingtel operates Singapore’s largest mobile network, providing coverage to virtually all populated areas across the country.M1 scored 7.7 out of 10 for 5G coverage experience. This metric measures how often users observe an active 5G connection in populated areas.StarHub shares second place in the 5G coverage experience metric, both scoring 7.7 out of 10 points.
Speedtest median download speed (Mobile)76.9 Mbps76.86 Mbps73.81Mbps
eSIM AvailabilityYesYesYes
Price ranges$12-50 for the prepaid plans$12-30 for the tourist plan$12-32 for the tourist plan

In summary, all major operators – Singtel, StarHub, and M1 – provide extensive nationwide 4G coverage both indoor and outdoor. This allows basic mobile connectivity almost anywhere in Singapore. For the best 5G experience, Singtel is a great choice, M1 offers budget-friendly plans and innovative services.

Consider your priorities to find the perfect mobile operator for your adventure in Singapore!


What is the best way to stay connected in Singapore?

Using eSIM or SIM cards is the best way to keep connected in Singapore. To avoid inconveniences, consider using eSIM from which offers diverse plans for any traveling goals.

How much data is enough for my Singapore trip?

It depends on your trip length, traveling purpose, and data budget. 5GB is enough for basic tasks (3-5 days). For longer periods, it is recommended to allocate about 20GB+ if one intends to use video streaming or social networking programs frequently.

Which network providers are available?

The main three mobile operators are Singtel, M1, and StarHub. All have extensive 4G coverage nationwide but speeds may vary in different locations.

Can I buy eSIM or SIM cards online?

Yes, you can buy a local SIM card or an eSIM online before your Singapore trip. For a fast and reliable connection, consider using eSIM from which offers diverse eSIM plans for any traveling goals.

VI. Conclusions

In summary, Singapore presents visitors with several options to stay connected which helps visitors enhance their Singapore experience. Compare to these options: free WiFi, roaming, buy a local SIM card, get an eSIM, and find out which options are the best for your traveling goals.

Consider buying an eSIM or local SIM card for a fast and reliable connection. With the right mobile data plan, you can spend more time enjoying Singapore without worrying about internet access!